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Slinkys AND Tan Thru

Tan Thru -- This is the same fabric used for tan-thru swimsuits, shorts and sarongs. Super light weight, will allow your dog to tan without getting roughhousing marks or marks from self scratching. They should fit loose, so buy the biggest size to fit

Slinkys --
These are made from 4 way super soft knit fabric with seams on the OUTSIDE. SOFT on the inside and the outside! They stretch on like a second skin. Soft and unconstructed, they will not bind, create marks or break hair.
ORDER 1 size smaller and STRETCH on your dog.

SIZES - measure your dog's height & length and choose the larger of the two measurements :
XSM = up to 8" - 4 lbs & puppies (orange tag)
SMALL = up to 9" - 6 lbs (pink tag)
MEDIUM = up to 11"
(yellow tag)
LARGE = up to 12 1/2" (blue tag)
XL = up to 14" (purple tag)
XXL= up to 15" (green tag)
2X = up to 17" (hot pink tag)
3X = up to 20" (lt green tag)
4X = up to 23" (white tag)
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