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Warm Wear Jammies - LUXE, LUSH, Chenille, Plush, Wubby & Microfleece

Heaviest LUXE FLEECE is the heaviest we carry. So soft, almost like fine fur on the inside and heavy enough for the elements. Solids, patterns or mix & match.
Heavy LUSH FLEECE. Heavy and SUPER soft
Mid way heavy CHENILLE jammies are soft inside and out. Warm and fluffy. Many have a texture that makes them just irresistible! Textured is lighter than solid.
Plush Fleece PLUSH FLEECE jammies are like regular fleece but much softer. Not too heavy, not too light, great for layering.
Lighest MICROFLEECE is Lightweight Fleece. Perfect for cool days or layering.
Wubby! is just fluffy and adorable. It is medium weight.

size to fit
SIZES - measure your dog's height & length and choose the larger of the two measurements :
XSM = up to 8" - 4 lbs & puppies (orange tag)
SMALL = up to 9" - 6 lbs (pink tag)
MEDIUM = up to 11"
(yellow tag)
LARGE = up to 12 1/2" (blue tag)
XL = up to 14" (purple tag)
XXL= up to 15" (green tag)
2X = up to 17" (#115)
3X = up to 19" (#125)
4X = up to 22" (#140)
5X = us to 24" (#150)
6X = up to 26" (#165)

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